AlphaGuard FC LO Liquid Applied Products:

AlphaGuard FC LO Liquid Applied Products

Tremco Roofing’s AlphaGuard™ FC LO system liquid applied system has little odour and reduces the number of products and labour steps required for superb waterproofing, in addition to benefits like reflectivity, rapid curing, and the ability to be installed in sub-freezing temperatures.  

This extremely versatile system is ideal for use on occupied buildings and odour-sensitive facilities such as hospitals and schools. It can be used to restore or repair approved roofing substrates such as smooth surfaced built-up roofs (BUR), granule and smooth surfaced modified bitumen (MB) roofs, and single ply roofs. The AlphaGuard FC LO system can be installed directly to structural concrete roof decks, or as part of AlphaGuard PLUS, IRMA/PRM, and vegetative roof system assemblies.  

AlphaGuard FC LO flashing and mastic products are available to complete detail/flashing steps (particularly for vertical applications); they can also be used as a liquid applied flashing for new BUR/MB installations or as a stand-alone patch and repair material.

After a thorough inspection and, if needed, laboratory analysis determine a roof's condition, restoration can upgrade the performance of the roof and its components by identifying and repairing defects in addition to providing a new top coat to restore the roof's thorough waterproofing.

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